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    The Casket Store is grateful to our military service members and their families for their service and sacrifice to our beloved country, the United States of America.
    The Veterans Administration provides an eligible deceased veteran a bronze plaque or granite gravestone or marble headstone, as detailed in VA Form 40-1330.  We fill this form out with your input, gather the required signatures, and fax to the VA along with the veteran’s Form DD 214 or equivalent.  Bronze plaques are attached to a granite base. Lastly, we install the headstone at the cemetery.

When you purchase a headstone from us, Florida cemeteries may not refuse care of your plot and may not waive responsibility for damage they cause. Click here for more details.

Individual Military Bronze Marker

Companion Military Bronze Marker

Double Interment Military Bronze Marker

Budget Individual Military Bronze Marker

Budget Companion Military Bronze Marker

Budget Double Interment Military Bronze Marker

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