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Our bronze cremation memorials are manufactured by Coldspring® (formerly Granit-Bronz®), the second largest bronze memorial fabricator in the U.S.  Their extensive product options, quality and customer service are exceptional.  This is why many cemeteries also use Coldspring®.  To provide the best price to our customers we may use other bronze manufacturers for unusual custom bronze work such as those with a lot of words or for matching bronze death date plates for older bronze grave markers.

When you purchase a memorial from us, Florida cemeteries may not refuse care of your plot and may not waive responsibility for damage they cause. Click here for more details.
Individual Cremation Bronze Marker
Companion Cremation Bronze Marker
Double Interment Cremation Bronze Marker
Budget Individual Cremation Bronze Marker
Budget Companion Cremation Bronze Marker
Budget Double Interment Cremation Bronze Marker
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