Double Interment Cremation Bronze Marker

Type - Designs
Plate Size
Base Size
No Vase Price
Vase Price
Vase & Holder In Granite
Granite Base Size
Size I - 4 designs
A - 11.5 x 17”
17 x 23 x 4”
Size IIa - 4 designs*
B - 14 x 18”
20 x 24 x 12”
20 x 30 x 12”
Size IIb - Rose design**
C - 14 x 18”
20 x 24 x 4”
Size III - 10 designs
D - 16 x 24”
20 x 28 x 4”
Size IV - 6 designs
E - 24 x 30”
28 x 34 x 4”
* Polyurethane side-by-side urn repository (10 1/4 x 16 x 11 3/8”). The granite base is triple deep (and triple heavy) for strength due to the larger opening in the base for this side-by-side urn repository.
** Stainless Steel urn repository (9 x 9 x 24 1/2”) holds two urns stacked together. NOTE: Ensure depth okay for plot.
Above Prices Include:
1.   Free Delivery to the lower 48 states or Free Installation within 25 miles of our store (After 25 miles add $2 per mile one way up to 100 miles.  Click here to calculate mileage.)
2.   Choice of border design (see pictures below), family name and two individual names with dates, three emblems (click on emblems for sizes/options, click outside pop-up to keep place in list), bronze plate letter font style and background color, and one of these standard granite colors using our standard 4" thick versus 3”.
3.   Six words of inscription when longest bronze plate dimension is over 20”, otherwise four words.
4.   If you select a vase then choose from these vase styles.  The Garden vase is 1” taller than the others.  Add $165 for the Signature/Regency vase.  Add $30 for a Christian Cross emblem on the Garden/Patrician vase.
5.   If you select ‘Vase & Holder In Granite’ then choose a Vase Holder (Vase Ring) from these styles.  Add $85 for the 8” Vase Ring (comes with your 4 words), and consider a 2” wider (top to bottom) granite base.
After your order is placed, we contact the cemetery for their approval and all other details for a smooth installation.  When we receive cemetery approval a marker layout proof is produced and sent to you for approval (one free layout change event is included).  Your approval will set in motion the production of your bronze grave marker.  It will then be shipped either to us for local installation by us or to your cemetery (or approved business address) where installation is performed by the cemetery or authorized local installer, whose fees/charges you are responsible for.  This process takes 5-8 weeks after approval of the proof.
These options can be chosen at additional cost:
1.   Bronze picture or Porcelain/Ceramic picture, placed with adhesive in a cast bronze photo ring (in place of one emblem)
3.   Larger granite base to highlight granite choice or to add granite engraving
5.   More words for inscription than the 6 words included
6.   Additional emblems and Custom emblems
7.   Expedited production of your bronze grave marker
8.   Specialized lettering: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Personal Script, etc.

Polished Bevel: GB-211

GB-211 Polished Bevel DI
Mesabi Black Granite
Repositories for cremains
See the price list above for each size
Size(s): A
Made In

Classic: Simplicity GB-204

GB-204 Classic Simplicity 11.5x17 Academ
Academy Black Granite
Repositories for Cremains
See the price list above for each size
Size(s): A
Made In

Dynasty: Rose GB-203

GB-203 Rose of Devotion
Royal Mahogany Granite
Repositories for Cremains
See the price list above for each size
Size(s): A
Made In

Dynasty: Poppy GB-213

GB-213C Dynasty Poppy DI 14x18
Colonial Rose Granite
Large repository also for Urns
Other available Dynasty designs: Dogwood, Rose, Simplicity
See the price list above for each size
Size(s): B
Made In

Dynasty: Rose GB-221

GB-221C Dynasty Rose DI 14x18
Comes with granite base
Large repository also for Urns
See the price list above for each size
Size(s): C
Made In

Dynasty: Rose GB-133

GB-133C Rose
Moonlight Gray Granite
See Bronze Markers for pictures of these other available designs: Ceres (Wheat), Dynasty Dogwood, Evergreen, Fruit of Life, Oakleaf, Resurrection, Serenity, Simplicity, Tea Rose
See the price list above for each size
Size(s): D, E
Made In

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